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Fracine Molecular Weight

198.136 g/mol

Fracine Melting Point

238 oC

Fracine H2O Solubility

210 mg/L (Approximately 50%)

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Fracine Dosage Forms


Fracine Indication

For the treatement of bacterial skin infections including pyodermas, infected dermatoses and infections of cuts, wounds, burns and ulcers due to susceptible organisms.

Fracine Pharmacology

Nitrofurazone is a topical antibacterial agent indicated as an adjunctive therapy for second and third degree burns when resistance to other agents is a real or potential problem. Nitrofurazone is also indicated in skin grafting when bacterial contamination may cause graft rejection or donor site infection, especially in hospitals with a history of resistant bacteria.

Fracine Absorption

Well absorbed.

Fracine side effects and Toxicity

Rat LD50 = 590 mg/kg; Allergic contact dermatitis is the most frequently reported adverse effect, occurring in approximately 1 % of patients treated.

Fracine Patient Information

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Fracine Organisms Affected

Gram negative and gram positive bacteria