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Dextropropoxyphene Synthesis Reference

Pohland, U.S. Pat. 2,728,779 (1955)

Dextropropoxyphene Molecular Weight

339.471 g/mol

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Dextropropoxyphene Indication

For the relief of mild to moderate pain

Dextropropoxyphene Pharmacology

Propoxyphene, a synthetic opiate agonist, is structurally similar to methadone. The analgesic effect of propoxyphene is due to the d-isomer, dextropropoxyphene. It binds to the opiate receptors and leads to a decrease of the perception of pain stimuli.

Dextropropoxyphene Absorption

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Dextropropoxyphene side effects and Toxicity

Coma, respiratory depression, circulatory collapse, and pulmonary edema. Seizures occur more frequently in patients with propoxyphene intoxication than in those with opiate intoxication. LD50=230mg/kg (orally in rat, Emerson)

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Dextropropoxyphene Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals