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  • Tarka (trandolapril + verapamil hydrochloride)
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    Geangin FDA

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    Geangin Sintesis de referencia

    Dengel, EE.UU. Pat. 3,261,859 (1966)

    Geangin Peso molecular

    454.602 g/mol

    Geangin Punto de fusion

    < 25 oC

    Geangin H2O Solubilidad

    4,47 mg / L

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    Geangin Formas de dosificacion

    Cápsulas (liberación sostenida), líquido, solución, Tablet, Tablet (de liberación prolongada)

    Geangin Indicacion

    Para el tratamiento de la hipertensión y la angina de pecho.

    Geangin Farmacologia

    Verapamilo, un agente antiarrítmico de clase IV, se utiliza como calcio, bloqueadores de los canales (CCB) agente para el tratamiento de la angina, la hipertensión y las taquiarritmias supraventriculares.

    Geangin Absorcion


    Geangin Toxicidad

    LD50 = 8 mg / kg (iv en ratones)

    Geangin Informacion de Pacientes

    Verapamil HCl is known as a calcium channel blocker. It is taken to treat high blood pressure, to relieve some chest pains in patients with angina, or to treat some problems with heart rhythms. Verapamil has several drug interactions, make sure your physician and pharmacist known all the medicines you are taking so they may properly advise you. Verapamil HCl is excreted in breast milk. It may be necessary to change therapy or provide an alternate to breast milk. The most common side effect is constipation. This may be relieved with dietary modification (more fiber) or laxatives. Sustained release tablets should be taken with food. They should not be broken or crushed. Doses may need some adjustment, make sure to have your condition monitored regularly.

    Geangin Organismos afectados

    Humanos y otros mamíferos