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Trombosan Synthesis Reference

Bikova N., et al. Farmatsiia (Sofia). 1954 Jan-Feb;4(1):23-6.

Trombosan Molecular Weight

336.295 g/mol

Trombosan Melting Point

290 oC

Trombosan H2O Solubility

128 mg/L

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Trombosan Dosage Forms

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Trombosan Indication

For decreasing blood clotting

Trombosan Pharmacology

Dicumarol is an coumarin-like compound found in sweet clover. It is used as an oral anticoagulant and acts by inhibiting the hepatic synthesis of vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors (prothrombin and factors VII, IX, and X). It is also used in biochemical experiments as an inhibitor of reductases.

Trombosan Absorption

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Trombosan side effects and Toxicity

LD50=233 mg/kg (orally in mice); LD50=250 mg/kg (orally in rats)

Trombosan Patient Information

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Trombosan Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals