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Amlodipine Brand names, Amlodipine Analogs

Amlodipine Brand Names Mixture

  • Lotrel (amlodipine + benazepril)

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Amlodipine Synthesis Reference

S. F. Campbell et al., U.S. Pat. 4,572,909 (1986)

Amlodipine Molecular Weight

408.876 g/mol

Amlodipine Melting Point


Amlodipine H2O Solubility

75.3 mg/L

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Amlodipine Dosage Forms

Tablets (equivalent to 2.5, 5 and 10 mg)

Amlodipine Indication

For the treatment of hypertension, chronic stable angina and confirmed or suspected vasospastic angina.

Amlodipine Pharmacology

Amlodipine, a calcium-channel blocker, is used alone or with benazepril, an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, to treat hypertension, chronic stable angina pectoris, and Prinzmetal's variant angina. Amlodipine is similar to the peripheral vasodilator nifedipine and other members of the dihydropyridine class.

Amlodipine Absorption

Amlodipine is slowly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Amlodipine side effects and Toxicity

Gross overdosage could result in excessive peripheral vasodilatation and possibly reflex tachycardia. Marked and probably prolonged systemic hypotension up to an including shock with fatal outcome have been reported.

Amlodipine Patient Information

Amlodipine Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals