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Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Brand Names Mixture

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Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Synthesis Reference

Neth. pat. Appl. 6,406,089 corresp to Schmutz et al., U.S. pat. 3,546,226 (1964, 1970 both to Wander)

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Molecular Weight

327.808 g/mol

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Melting Point

109-110 oC

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] H2O Solubility

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Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Dosage Forms

Tablet; Capsule; Oral solution; IV solution; IM solution

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Indication

For the management of the manifestations of psychotic disorders

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Pharmacology

Loxapine, a dibenzoxazepine compound, represents a subclass of tricyclic antipsychotic agents, chemically distinct from the thioxanthenes, butyrophenones, and phenothiazines. Pharmacologically, Loxapine is a tranquilizer for which the exact mode of action has not been established.

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Absorption

Systemic bioavailability of the parent drug was only about one third that after an equivalent intramuscular dose (25 mg base) in male volunteers

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] side effects and Toxicity

LD50=65 mg/kg (Orally in mice)

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Patient Information

Loxapina [Inn-Spanish] Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals