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Rau-Sed Brand Names Mixture

  • Hydropres 25 Tab (Hydrochlorothiazide + Reserpine)
  • Hydropres 50 Tab (Hydrochlorothiazide + Reserpine)
  • SER-AP-ES Tab (Hydralazine Hydrochloride + Hydrochlorothiazide + Reserpine)

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Rau-Sed Synthesis Reference

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Rau-Sed Molecular Weight

608.679 g/mol

Rau-Sed Melting Point

264.5 oC

Rau-Sed H2O Solubility

73 mg/L

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Rau-Sed Indication

Foe the treatment of hypertension

Rau-Sed Pharmacology

Reserpine is an adrenergic blocking agent used to treat mild to moderate hypertension via the disruption of norepinephrine vesicular storage. The antihypertensive actions of Reserpine are a result of its ability to deplete catecholamines from peripheral sympathetic nerve endings. These substances are normally involved in controlling heart rate, force of cardiac contraction and peripheral resistance.

Rau-Sed Absorption

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Rau-Sed side effects and Toxicity

Possible human carcinogen. May cause reproductive harm. ORL-RAT LD50 420 mg/kg; IPR-RAT LD50 44 mg/kg; IVN-RAT LD50 15 mg/kg; ORL-MUS LD50 200 mg/kg; SCU-MUS LD50 52 mg/kg; IPR-RBT LD50 7 mg/kg

Rau-Sed Patient Information

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Rau-Sed Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals