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Tubermin Synthesis Reference

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Tubermin Molecular Weight

305.756 g/mol

Tubermin Melting Point

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Tubermin H2O Solubility

4000 mg/L

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Tubermin Indication

For the in-hospital, short-term (up to 48 hours) management of severe hypertension when rapid, but quickly reversible, emergency reduction of blood pressure is clinically indicated, including malignant hypertension with deteriorating end-organ function.

Tubermin Pharmacology

Fenoldopam antagonizes D1-like dopamine receptors, binds to α2-adrenoceptors, increasing renal blood flow.

Tubermin Absorption

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Tubermin side effects and Toxicity

The most likely reaction of overdose would be excessive hypotension which should be treated with drug discontinuation and appropriate supportive measures.

Tubermin Patient Information

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Tubermin Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals