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76 oC at pH 3.5 (Gomez-Orellana, I. et al., Protein Sci. 7:1352-1358 (1998).

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Solution (Subcutaneous Injection); Powder for solution

Saizen (Serono SA) Indication

For treatment of dwarfism, acromegaly and prevention of HIV-induced weight loss

Saizen (Serono SA) Pharmacology

Used in the treatment of dwarfism and growth failure, growth hormone (hGH) stimulates skeletal growth in pediatric patients with growth failure due to a lack of adequate secretion of endogenous GH. Skeletal growth is accomplished at the epiphyseal plates at the ends of a growing bone. Growth and metabolism of epiphyseal plate cells are directly stimulated by GH and one of its mediators, IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor).

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Humans and other mammals