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Theoclear L.A.-130 Nombres de marca, Theoclear L.A.-130 Analogos

Theoclear L.A.-130 Marca los nombres de mezcla

  • Bronchyl Syrup (alcohol anhydrous + beechwood creosote + cocillana + eucalyptus + guaiacol oleate + ipecac + lobelia inflata + menthol + myroxylon balsamum + theophylline + white pine)
  • Choledyl Expectorant Elixir (guaifenesin + oxtriphylline)
  • Diuerb tab (oil of fleabane + theophylline + urea)
  • IDM Expectorant tab (guaifenesin + potassium iodide + pyrilamine maleate + theophylline)
  • IDM tab (potassium iodide + pyrilamine maleate + theophylline)
  • PMS-Oxtriphylline Elixir (alcohol anhydrous + oxtriphylline)
  • Pulmo Septol Sirop (beechwood creosote + cocillana + eucalyptus oil + guaiacol + ipecac + lobelia inflata + myroxylon balsamum + theophylline + white pine)
  • Ratio-theo-bronc (guaifenesin + potassium iodide + pyrilamine maleate + theophylline)
  • Tedral tab (l-ephedrine hydrochloride + phenobarbital + theophylline)
  • Theophylline 0.8mg and 5% dextrose inj (dextrose + theophylline)
  • Theophylline 0.8mg/ml in 5% dextrose inj (dextrose + theophylline)
  • Theophylline 1.6mg and 5% dextrose inj (dextrose + theophylline)
  • Theophylline 4mg and 5% dextrose inj (dextrose + theophylline)
  • Theophylline rougier elixir (alcohol anhydrous + theophylline)
  • Theoclear L.A.-130 Formula quimica


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    Theoclear_L.A.-130 FDA

    Theoclear L.A.-130 MSDS (hoja de seguridad de materiales)

    Theoclear_L.A.-130 MSDS

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Sintesis de referencia

    Traube, Ber. 33, (1940)

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Peso molecular

    180.164 g/mol

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Punto de fusion

    272 oC

    Theoclear L.A.-130 H2O Solubilidad

    1.5 g / L

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Estado


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    Theoclear L.A.-130 Formas de dosificacion

    Cápsulas (liberación sostenida), Elixir, líquido, Tablet, Tablet (de liberación prolongada)

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Indicacion

    Para el tratamiento de los síntomas y la obstrucción reversible al flujo aéreo asociada con el asma crónica y otras enfermedades pulmonares crónicas, tales como enfisema y bronquitis crónica.

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Farmacologia

    Teofilina, un derivado de la xantina químicamente similar a la cafeína y la teobromina, se utiliza para tratar el asma y broncoespasmos. La teofilina tiene dos acciones distintas en las vías respiratorias de los pacientes con reversible (Asmáticos) la obstrucción, la relajación del músculo liso (es decir, la broncodilatación) y la supresión de la respuesta de las vías respiratorias a los estímulos (es decir, no broncodilatadora efectos profilácticos).

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Absorcion

    La teofilina se absorbe rápida y completamente tras la administración oral en solución o de liberación inmediata de forma sólida de dosificación oral.

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Toxicidad

    Los síntomas de sobredosis incluyen convulsiones, arritmias, y los efectos gastrointestinales.

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Informacion de Pacientes

    Immediate Release Products

    The patient (or parent/care giver) should be instructed to seek medical advice whenever nausea, vomiting, persistent headache, insomnia or rapid heart beat occurs during treatment with theophylline, even if another cause is suspected. The patient should be instructed to contact their clinician if they develop a new illness, especially if accompanied by a persistent fever, if they experience worsening of a chronic illness, if they start or stop smoking cigarettes or marijuana, or if another clinician and a new medication or discontinues a previously prescribed medication. Patients should be instructed to inform all clinicians involved in their care that they are taking theophylline, especially when a medication is being added or deleted from their treatment. Patients should be instructed to not alter the dose, timing of the dose, or frequency of administration without first consulting their clinician. If a dose is missed, the patient should be instructed to take the next dose at the usually scheduled time and to not attempt to make up for the missed dose.

    Extended-Release Capsules

    This information is intended to aid in the safe and effective use of this medication. It is not a disclosure of all possible adverse or intended effects.

    The physician should reinforce the importance of taking only the prescribed dose and the time interval between doses. As with any controlled-release theophylline product, the patient should alert the physician of symptoms occur repeatedly, especially near the end of the dosing interval.

    When prescribing administration by the sprinkle method, details of the proper technique should be explained to patient

    Patients should be informed of the need to take this drug in the fasting state, and that drug administration should be 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals.

    Theoclear L.A.-130 Organismos afectados

    Humanos y otros mamíferos