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Hyperstat Molecular Weight

230.672 g/mol

Hyperstat Melting Point

330.5 oC

Hyperstat H2O Solubility

2850 mg/L

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Hyperstat Dosage Forms

Oral capsules; Oral suspension

Hyperstat Indication

Used parentally to treat hypertensive emergencies. Also used to treat hypoglycemia secondary to insulinoma.

Hyperstat Pharmacology

Diazoxide is a potassium channel activator, which causes local relaxation in smooth muscle by increasing membrane permeability to potassium ions. This switches off voltage-gated calcium ion channels which inhibits the generation of an action potential.

Hyperstat Absorption

Readily absorbed following oral administration.

Hyperstat side effects and Toxicity

Oral LD50 in rat and mouse: 980 mg/kg and 444 mg/kg, respectively.

Hyperstat Patient Information

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Hyperstat Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals