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Viscorin Brand Names Mixture

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Viscorin Molecular Weight

176.124 g/mol

Viscorin Melting Point

191 oC

Viscorin H2O Solubility

40 g/L

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Viscorin Dosage Forms

Capsule; Tablet (chewable); Tablet (immediate release); Tablet (extended release); Lozenge; Solution; Parenteral injection

Viscorin Indication

Used to treat vitamin C deficiency, scurvy, delayed wound and bone healing, urine acidification, and in general as an antioxidant. It has also been suggested to be an effective antiviral agent.

Viscorin Pharmacology

Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is a water-soluble vitamin indicated for the prevention and treatment of scurvy, as ascorbic acid deficiency results in scurvy. Collagenous structures are primarily affected, and lesions develop in bones and blood vessels. Administration of ascorbic acid completely reverses the symptoms of ascorbic acid deficiency.

Viscorin Absorption

70% to 90%

Viscorin side effects and Toxicity

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Viscorin Patient Information

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Viscorin Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals