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Pioglitazone Synthesis Reference

K. Meguro, T. Fujita, U.S. Pat. 4,687,777 (1987)

Pioglitazone Molecular Weight

356.44 g/mol

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Pioglitazone Dosage Forms

Oral tablets

Pioglitazone Indication

Treatment of Type II diabetes mellitus

Pioglitazone Pharmacology

Pioglitazone, a member of the drug group known as the thiazolidinediones or "insulin sensitizers", is not chemically or functionally related to the alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, the biguanides, or the sulfonylureas. Pioglitazone targets insulin resistance and, hence, is used alone or in combination with insulin, metformin, or asulfonylurea as an antidiabetic agent.

Pioglitazone Absorption

Following oral administration, in the fasting state, pioglitazone is first measurable in serum within 30 minutes, with peak concentrations observed within 2 hours. Food slightly delays the time to peak serum concentration to 3 to 4 hours, but does not alter the extent of absorption.

Pioglitazone side effects and Toxicity

Hypogycemia; LD50=mg/kg (orally in rat)

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Pioglitazone Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals