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Bacitracin Molecular Weight

1422.69 g/mol

Bacitracin Melting Point

221 - 225 oC

Bacitracin H2O Solubility

Freely soluble

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Bacitracin Dosage Forms

Drug premix; Ointment; Powder; Powder for solution

Bacitracin Indication

For the treatment of infants with pneumonia and empyema caused by staphylococci shown to be susceptible to the drug. Also used in ointment form for topical treatment of a variety of localized skin and eye infections, as well as for the prevention of wound infections.

Bacitracin Pharmacology

Bacitracin is a mixture of related cyclic polypeptides produced by organisms of the licheniformis group of Bacillus subtilis var Tracy. As a polypeptide, toxic, and difficult to use chemical, Bacitracin doesn't work well orally, however is very effective topically. Bacitracin exerts pronounced antibacterial action in vitro against a variety of gram-positive and a few gram-negative organisms. However, among systemic diseases, only staphylococcal infections qualify for consideration of bacitracin therapy.

Bacitracin Absorption

Absorption of bacitracin following intramuscular injection is rapid and complete. Absorption from the gastrointestinal tract following oral administration is not appreciable. Absorption following topical application is negligible.

Bacitracin side effects and Toxicity

Oral, mouse: LD50 = >3750 mg/kg.

Bacitracin Patient Information

Bacitracin Organisms Affected

Enteric bacteria and other eubacteria