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Arquel Molecular Weight

152.178 g/mol

Arquel Melting Point

313 oC

Arquel H2O Solubility

6.85 mg/mL

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Arquel Dosage Forms

Tablet (50-mg, scored) for oral administration

Arquel Indication

For remission induction and maintenance therapy of acute lymphatic leukemia.

Arquel Pharmacology

Mercaptopurine is one of a large series of purine analogues which interfere with nucleic acid biosynthesis and has been found active against human leukemias. It is an analogue of the purine bases adenine and hypoxanthine. It is not known exactly which of any one or more of the biochemical effects of mercaptopurine and its metabolites are directly or predominantly responsible for cell death.

Arquel Absorption

Clinical studies have shown that the absorption of an oral dose of mercaptopurine in humans is incomplete and variable, averaging approximately 50% of the administered dose. The factors influencing absorption are unknown.

Arquel side effects and Toxicity

Signs and symptoms of overdosage may be immediate such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; or delayed such as myelosuppression, liver dysfunction, and gastroenteritis. The oral LD50 of mercaptopurine was determined to be 480 mg/kg in the mouse and 425 mg/kg in the rat.

Arquel Patient Information

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Arquel Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals