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Clarityn Les marques melange

  • Chlor-Tripolon ND SRT (Loratadine + Pseudoephedrine Sulfate)
  • Claritin Allergy + Sinus Extra Strength (Loratadine + Pseudoephedrine Sulfate)
  • Liberator (Loratadine + Pseudoephedrine Sulfate)
  • Clarityn Formule chimique


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    Clarityn FDA fiche

    Clarityn FDA

    Clarityn msds (fiche de securite des materiaux)

    Clarityn MSDS

    Clarityn Synthese de reference

    FJ Villani, le brevet américain. 4,282,233 (1981)

    Clarityn Poids moleculaire

    382.883 g/mol

    Clarityn Point de fusion

    134-136 oC

    Clarityn H2O Solubilite

    0.000011 mg / ml

    Clarityn Etat


    Clarityn LogP


    Clarityn Formes pharmaceutiques

    Tablet; Sirop

    Clarityn Indication

    Pour le soulagement des symptômes nasaux et non-nasaux de la rhinite allergique saisonnière et pour le traitement de l'urticaire idiopathique chronique chez les patients de 2 ans ou plus

    Clarityn Pharmacologie

    La loratadine, un antihistaminique non sédatif H1-bloqueur de structure similaire à la cyproheptadine et azatadine, est utilisé pour traiter la rhinite allergique saisonnière. Contrairement à d'autres H1-bloquants, loratidine ne pénètre pas le SNC de façon efficace et a une faible affinité pour les récepteurs H1 SNC.

    Clarityn Absorption

    Rapidement absorbé après administration orale (40% la biodisponibilité)

    Clarityn Toxicite

    somnolence, tachycardie, maux de tête et de DL50 = mg / kg (par voie orale chez le rat)

    Clarityn Information pour les patients


    This medicine is used to treat symptoms of hay fever such as runny nose,
    watery eyes and sneezing. Your doctor may use antihistimines for other
    conditions as well.

    General Information

    This information is for educational purposes only. Not every known side
    effect, adverse effect, or drug interaction is in this database. If you
    have questions about your medicines, talk to your healthcare provider.

    Proper use of this medicine

    For proper use of this medicine, follow the directions on the package,
    unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

    Missed Dose

    If your doctor has instructed you to take this medicine regularly and you
    miss a dose, take your next dose, as soon as you remember. If you are close
    to your next dose, do not double up. Skip the missed dose and go back to
    your regular schedule.


    Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out
    of reach of children. Store it at room temperature and away from excess
    heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Throw away any medication that
    is outdated or no longer needed.

    Possible Side Effects

    Common side effects include:
    dry mouth
    This medicine can cause excitement especially in children.
    See a doctor immediately if you experience:
    fast or irregular heartbeat
    mental or mood changes
    tightness in the chest
    unusual tiredness or weakness.
    While taking this medicine, if you experience, chest tightness, difficulty
    in breathing or swallowing, swelling in the face or lips, go to the doctor
    immediately and stop taking the medication until you have talked to your


    Do NOT take this medicine with orange, apple or grapefruit juice. The levels
    of this medicine in your blood may be decreased by 70%.


    Seek medical attention immediately. For non emergencies, contact your local
    or regional poison control center

    Drug Interactions

    Before taking any other medications, by prescription or over-the-counter
    (OTC) talk to your health care provider. Some medicines may change the way
    this medicine affects your body. Also the effects of other medicines may
    be increased or decreased by this medicine.


    Talk to your doctor about using this medicine during pregnancy or nursing
    to discuss any possible risks to you or your baby.

    More Information

    For more information about this medicine, talk to your healthcare provider

    Clarityn Organismes affectes

    Les humains et autres mammifères