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Pimozide Molecular Weight

461.546 g/mol

Pimozide Melting Point

214-218 oC

Pimozide H2O Solubility

10 mg/L

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Pimozide Indication

Used for the suppression of motor and phonic tics in patients with Tourette's Disorder who have failed to respond satisfactorily to standard treatment.

Pimozide Pharmacology

Pimozide is an orally active antipsychotic drug product which shares with other antipsychotics the ability to blockade dopaminergic receptors on neurons in the central nervous system. However, receptor blockade is often accompanied by a series of secondary alterations in central dopamine metabolism and function which may contribute to both pimozide's therapeutic and untoward effects. In addition, pimozide, in common with other antipsychotic drugs, has various effects on other central nervous system receptor systems which are not fully characterized. Pimozide also has less potential for inducing sedation and hypotension as it has more specific dopamine receptor blocking activity than other neuroleptic agents (and is therefore a suitable alternative to haloperidol).

Pimozide Absorption

Greater than 50% absorption after oral administration. Serum peak appears 6-8 hours post ingestion.

Pimozide side effects and Toxicity

LD50 = 1100 mg/kg (rat, oral), 228 mg/kg (mouse, oral)

Pimozide Patient Information

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Pimozide Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals