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Oxybucaine Brand Names Mixture

  • Extraneal (Calcium Chloride + Icodextrin + Magnesium Chloride + Sodium Chloride + Sodium Lactate)

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Oxybucaine Synthesis Reference

No information avaliable

Oxybucaine Molecular Weight

344.877 g/mol

Oxybucaine Melting Point

216.5 oC at 2.00E+00 mm Hg

Oxybucaine H2O Solubility

Very soluble (hydrochloride salt)

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Oxybucaine Dosage Forms

Drops (0.4%)

Oxybucaine Indication

Used to temporarily numb the front surface of the eye so that the eye pressure can be measured or a foreign body removed.

Oxybucaine Pharmacology

Oxybuprocaine is a local anaesthetic. It may be less irritating than tetracaine, and the onset and duration of action are similar to tetracaine.

Oxybucaine Absorption

No information avaliable

Oxybucaine side effects and Toxicity

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Oxybucaine Patient Information

Oxybucaine Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals