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Urokinase Synthesis Reference

PMID 2987867

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Urokinase Melting Point

76 oC at pH 4.5 (Nowak, U.K. et al., Biochemistry 33:2951-2960 (1994).

Urokinase H2O Solubility

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Urokinase Dosage Forms

Powder for solution; Solution (IV infusion)

Urokinase Indication

For the treatment of pulminary embolism, coronary artery thrombosis and IV catheter clearance

Urokinase Pharmacology

Urokinase is used for the treatment of pulmonary embolisms. The low molecular weight form of human urokinase consists of an A chain of 2,000 daltons linked by a sulfhydryl bond to a B chain of 30,400 daltons. Urokinase is an enzyme (protein) produced by the kidney, and found in the urine. There are two forms of urokinase which differ in molecular weight but have similar clinical effects. Urokinase is the low molecular weight form. Urokinase acts on the endogenous fibrinolytic system. It converts plasminogen to the enzyme plasmin. Plasmin degrades fibrin clots as well as fibrinogen and some other plasma proteins.

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Urokinase Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals