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Trileptal Molecular Weight

292.243 g/mol

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Trileptal H2O Solubility

1000000 mg/L at 25 oC [MEYLAN,WM et al. (1996)]

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Trileptal Dosage Forms

Solution (for intravenous infusion or intramuscular injection)

Trileptal Indication

For the reduction of blood levels and depot stores of lead in lead poisoning (acute and chronic) and lead encephalopathy, in both pediatric populations and adults.

Trileptal Pharmacology

Edetate Calcium is a heavy metal chelating agent. The calcium in edetate calcium can be displaced by divalent or trivalent metals to form a stable water soluble complex that can be excreted in the urine. In theory, 1 g of edetate calcium can theoretically bind 620 mg of lead, but in reality only about 5 mg per gram is actually excreted into the urine in lead poisoned patients. In addition to chelating lead, edetate calcium also chelates and eliminates zinc from the body. Edetate calcium also binds cadmium, copper, iron and manganese, but to a much lesser extent than either lead or zinc. Edetate calcium is relatively ineffective for use in treating mercury, gold or arsenic poisoning.

Trileptal Absorption

Poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Well absorbed following intramuscular injection.

Trileptal side effects and Toxicity

Inadvertent administration of 5 times the recommended dose, infused intravenously over a 24 hour period, to an asymptomatic 16 month old patient with a blood lead content of 56 mcg/dl did not cause any ill effects. Edetate calcium disodium can aggravate the symptoms of severe lead poisoning, therefore, most toxic effects (cerebral edema, renal tubular necrosis) appear to be associated with lead poisoning. Because of cerebral edema, a therapeutic dose may be lethal to an adult or a pediatric patient with lead encephalopathy. Higher dosage of edetate calcium disodium may produce a more severe zinc deficiency.

Trileptal Patient Information

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Trileptal Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals