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    Nelfinavir mesylate Peso molecular

    567.784 g/mol

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    349.84 oC

    Nelfinavir mesylate H2O Solubilidad

    Ligeramente soluble

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    Tablet (oral - 250 mg, 625 mg) en polvo (oral)

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    Nelfinavir es un inhibidor de la proteasa con actividad contra el virus de inmunodeficiencia humana tipo 1 (VIH-1). Inhibidores de la proteasa bloquean la parte del VIH llamada proteasa. VIH-1 proteasa es una enzima necesaria para la enzima. Esta inhibición impide la división de las poliproteínas viral que resulta en la formación de inmaduros no partículas virales infecciosas. Inhibidores de la proteasa se utilizan casi siempre en combinación

    Nelfinavir mesylate Absorcion

    Se absorbe bien tras la administración oral.

    Nelfinavir mesylate Toxicidad

    DL50 oral es más 5g/kg en ratas. Los efectos secundarios incluyen la sed y el hambre, la pérdida de peso inexplicable, aumento de la orina, fatiga, piel seca, picazón.

    Nelfinavir mesylate Informacion de Pacientes


    Patients should be informed that VIRACEPT is not a cure for HIV infection and that they may
    continue to acquire illnesses associated with advanced HIV infection, including opportunistic

    Patients should be told that the long-term effects of VIRACEPT are unknown at this time. They
    should be told that there is currently no data demonstrating that VIRACEPT therapy can reduce
    the risk of transmitting HIV to others through sexual contact or blood contamination.

    Patients should be advised to take VIRACEPT every day as prescribed. Patients should not alter
    the dose or discontinue therapy without consulting with their doctor. If a dose is missed, patients
    should take the dose as soon as possible and then return to their normal schedule. However, if a dose
    is skipped, the patient should not double the next dose.

    The most frequent adverse event associated with VIRACEPT is diarrhea, which can usually be controlled
    with non-prescription drugs, such as loperamide, which slow gastrointestinal motility.

    VIRACEPT may interact with some drugs, therefore, patients should be advised to report to their doctor
    the use of any other prescription or non-prescription medication.

    Patients receiving oral contraceptives should be instructed that alternate or additional contraceptive
    measures should be used during therapy with VIRACEPT.

    Nelfinavir mesylate Organismos afectados

    Virus de inmunodeficiencia humana