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Succimer Brand Names Mixture

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Succimer Synthesis Reference

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Succimer Molecular Weight

182.22 g/mol

Succimer Melting Point

193 oC

Succimer H2O Solubility

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Succimer Dosage Forms

Capsules (opaque, for oral administration, containing beads coated with 100 mg of succimer)

Succimer Indication

For the treatment of lead poisoning in pediatric patients with blood lead levels above 45 µg/dL. May also be used to treat mercury or arsenic poisoning.

Succimer Pharmacology

Succimer is an orally active, heavy metal chelating agent. It forms water soluble chelates and, consequently, increases the urinary excretion of lead. Succimer is not to be used for prophylaxis of lead poisoning in a lead-containing environment. In addition, the use of succimer should always be accompanied by identification and removal of the source of the lead exposure.

Succimer Absorption

Rapid but variable.

Succimer side effects and Toxicity

Oral LD50 in mice is over 5011 mg/kg. Doses of 2300 mg/kg in the rat and 2400 mg/kg in the mouse produced ataxia, convulsions, labored respiration and frequently death. No case of overdosage has been reported in humans. Limited data indicate that succimer is dialyzable.

Succimer Patient Information

Succimer Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals