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372.541 g/mol

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Capsules (0.1 mg)

Nabilone Indication

Used for the control of nausea and vomiting, caused by chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of cancer, in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conventional antiemetic treatments.

Nabilone Pharmacology

Nabilone is a cannabinoid with therapeutic uses. It is an analog of dronabinol (also known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It is reserved for use in individuals who do not respond to the more commonly used anti-emetics. This is mainly because cannabinoids have potential adverse effects similar to that of cannabis and may cause changes in mood and behaviour.

Nabilone Absorption

Rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract following oral administration.

Nabilone side effects and Toxicity

Symptoms of overdose include difficulty in breathing, hallucinations, mental changes (severe), nervousness or anxiety (severe). Monkeys treated with Nabilone at doses as high as 2mg/kg/day for a year experienced no significant adverse events. This result contrasts with the finding in a planned 1-year dog study that was prematurely terminated because of deaths associated with convulsions in dogs receiving as little as 0.5mg/kg/day. The earliest deaths, however, occurred at 56 days in dogs receiving 2mg/kg/day. The unusual vulnerability of the dog is not understood; it is hypothesised, however, that the explanation lies in the fact that the dog differs markedly from other species (including humans) in its metabolism of Nabilone.

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Humans and other mammals