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  • Locacorten Vioform (Clioquinol + Flumethasone Pivalate)
  • Locacorten Vioform Cream (Clioquinol + Flumethasone Pivalate)
  • Locacorten Vioform Eardrops (Clioquinol + Flumethasone Pivalate)
  • Locasalen (Flumethasone Pivalate + Salicylic Acid)

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Campath Melting Point

61 oC (FAB fragment), 71 oC (whole mAb) ??“ Vermeer, A.W.P. & Norde, W., Biophys. J. 78:394-404 (2000).

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Campath Indication

For treatment of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Campath Pharmacology

Campath is used to treat leukemia by exploiting antibody mediated lysis of CD52 presenting cells. The CD52 antigen is a cell surface protein found on essentially all B and T lymphocytes, a majority of monocytes, macrophages and most granulocytes. The CD52 antigen is not present on erythrocytes or hematopoetic stem cells. In leukemia there is an excess of B and T cells, so Campath permits selective reduction of lymphocyte populations.

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