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Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Synthesis Reference

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Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Molecular Weight

412.52 g/mol

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Melting Point

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Adapalenum [INN-Latin] H2O Solubility

Practically Insoluble

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Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Dosage Forms

Gel (0.1%); Solution; Pledglets; Cream

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Indication

For the topical treatment of comedo, papular and pustular acne (acne vulgaris) of the face, chest or back.

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Pharmacology

Adapalene is a chemically stable retinoid-like compound. Biochemical and pharmacological profile studies have demonstrated that adapalene is a modulator of cellular differentiation, keratinization, and inflammatory processes all of which represent important features in the pathology of acne vulgaris.

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Absorption

Absorption of adapalene through human skin is low. Only trace amounts (<0.25 ng/mL) of parent substance have been found in the plasma of acne patients following chronic topical application of adapalene in controlled clinical trials

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] side effects and Toxicity

The acute oral toxicity of adapalene in mice and rats is greater than 10 mL/kg. Chronic ingestion of the drug may lead to the same side effects as those associated with excessive oral intake of Vitamin A.

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Patient Information

Adapalenum [INN-Latin] Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals