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    Pitayine Peso molecular

    324.417 g/mol

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    174 oC

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    140 mg / L

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    Para el tratamiento de pre-excitación ventricular y arritmias cardíacas

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    Quinidina, un anticonvulsivo fenitoína, se usa solo o junto con fenobarbital u otros anticonvulsivos para gestionar crisis tónico-clónicas, ataques psicomotores, los síndromes de dolor neuropático diabético incluyendo neuropatía, inducidas por digitálicos arritmias cardíacas y arritmias cardíacas asociadas con prolongación del intervalo QT.

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    Pitayine Informacion de Pacientes

    Before prescribing QUINAGLUTE® as prophylaxis against recurrence of atrial fibrillation, the physician should inform the patient of the risks and benefits to be expected. Discussion should include the facts

    • that the goal of therapy will be a reduction (probably not to zero) in the frequency of episodes of atrial fibrillation; and
    • that reduced frequency of fibrillatory episodes may be expected, if achieved, to bring symptomatic benefit; but
    • that no data are available to show that reduced frequency of fibrillatory episodes will reduce the risks of irreversible harm through stroke or death; and in fact
    • that such data as are available suggest that treatment with QUINAGLUTE® is likely to increase the patient's risk of death.

    To confirm whether this is the most current prescribing information available on Quinaglute®, or to obtain the most current prescribing information, please call Berlex Laboratories at 1-888-BERLEX-4 (choose option #4, Product Usage Information).

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    Humanos y otros mamíferos