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Ventussin-Loz Brand Names Mixture

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Ventussin-Loz Chemical_Formula


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Ventussin-Loz fda sheet

Ventussin-Loz msds (material safety sheet)

Ventussin-Loz Synthesis Reference

Matter, U.S. Pat. 2,714, 608 (1955)

Ventussin-Loz Molecular Weight

603.742 g/mol

Ventussin-Loz Melting Point

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Ventussin-Loz H2O Solubility

Soluble in most organic solvents except aliphatic hydrocarbons

Ventussin-Loz State


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Ventussin-Loz Dosage Forms

Capsule (soft gelatin, 100 mg)

Ventussin-Loz Indication

For the symptomatic relief of cough

Ventussin-Loz Pharmacology

Benzonatate, a non-narcotic antitussive agent chemically related to tetracaine and other ester-type local anesthetics, is used to suppress cough associated with both acute and chronic respiratory conditions.

Ventussin-Loz Absorption

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Ventussin-Loz side effects and Toxicity

Restlessness, tremors, seizures and unconsciousness.

Ventussin-Loz Patient Information

Ventussin-Loz Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals