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Vansil Molecular Weight

279.335 g/mol

Vansil Melting Point

147-149 oC

Vansil H2O Solubility

820 mg/L

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Vansil Indication

For treatment of Schistosomiasis caused by Schistosoma mansoni

Vansil Pharmacology

Oxamniquine is an anthelmintic with schistosomicidal activity against Schistosoma mansoni, but not against other Schistosoma spp. Oxamniquine causes worms to shift from the mesenteric veins to the liver where the male worms are retained; the female worms return to the mesentery, but can no longer release egg.

Vansil Absorption

Well absorbed orally

Vansil side effects and Toxicity

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Vansil Patient Information

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Vansil Organisms Affected

Schistosoma mansoni