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Tysabri msds (material safety sheet)

Tysabri Synthesis Reference

Sequence listed in Leger OJ, Yednock TA, Tanner L, Horner HC, Hines DK, Keen S, Saldanha J, Jones ST, Fritz LC, Bendig MM. Humanization of a mouse antibody against human alpha-4 integrin: a potential therapeutic for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Hum Antibodies. 1997;8(1):3-16

Tysabri Molecular Weight

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Tysabri Melting Point

61 oC (FAB fragment), 71 oC (whole mAb) - Vermeer, A.W.P. & Norde, W., Biophys. J. 78:394-404 (2000).

Tysabri H2O Solubility

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Tysabri Dosage Forms

Solution (IV Infusion)

Tysabri Indication

For treatment of multiple sclerosis

Tysabri Pharmacology

In multiple sclerosis, lesions are believed to occur when activated inflammatory cells, including T-lymphocytes, cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Leukocyte migration across the BBB involves interaction between adhesion molecules on inflammatory cells, and their counter-receptors present on endothelial cells of the vessel wall. The clinical effect of natalizumab in multiple sclerosis may be a secondary result of its blockade of the molecular interaction of a 4b 1-integrin expressed by inflammatory cells with VCAM-1 on vascular endothelial cells, and with CS-1 and/or osteopontin expressed by parenchymal cells in the brain.

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Tysabri Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals