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Reboxetine [Inn] Brand names, Reboxetine [Inn] Analogs

Reboxetine [Inn] Brand Names Mixture

  • Reboxetine [INN]
  • (+/-)-(2R*)-2-((alphaR*)-alpha-(o-Ethoxyphenoxy)benzyl)morpholine

Reboxetine [Inn] Chemical_Formula


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No information avaliable

Reboxetine [Inn] fda sheet

Reboxetine [Inn] msds (material safety sheet)

Reboxetine [Inn] Synthesis Reference

Lin, KS & Ding, YS (2004) Chirality 16:475-481

Reboxetine [Inn] Molecular Weight

313.391 g/mol

Reboxetine [Inn] Melting Point

170-171 oC (Mesylate salt)

Reboxetine [Inn] H2O Solubility

8 mg/mL (Mesylate salt)

Reboxetine [Inn] State


Reboxetine [Inn] LogP

0.48 (Ding, YS et al. J. Neruochem. 94:1471 (2005))

Reboxetine [Inn] Dosage Forms


Reboxetine [Inn] Indication

For the treatment of clinical depression.

Reboxetine [Inn] Pharmacology

Reboxetine is a selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor (NaRI), the first

Reboxetine [Inn] Absorption

Reboxetine is rapidly and extensively absorbed following oral administration.

Reboxetine [Inn] side effects and Toxicity

Reports of seizures (rare) have been reported

Reboxetine [Inn] Patient Information

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Reboxetine [Inn] Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals