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Naftin Molecular Weight

212.244 g/mol

Naftin Melting Point

21 oC (boiling point 323-324 oC)

Naftin H2O Solubility

15.4 mg/L

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Naftin Dosage Forms

Gel; Lotion; Solution

Naftin Indication

Used to kill lice and the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies.

Naftin Pharmacology

Benzyl benzoate is one of the older preparations used to treat scabies. Scabies is a skin infection caused by the mite sarcoptes scabiei. It is characterised by severe itching (particularly at night), red spots, and may lead to a secondary infection. Benzyl benzoate is lethal to this mite and so is useful in the treatment of scabies. It is also used to treat lice infestation of the head and body. Benzyl benzoate is not the treatment of choice for scabies due to its irritant properties.

Naftin Absorption

No data are available on percutaneous absorption of benzyl benzoate. Some older studies have suggested some percutaneous absorption, however the amount was not quantified.

Naftin side effects and Toxicity

Oral, rabbit: LD50 = 1680 mg/kg; Skin, rabbit: LD50 = 4000 mg/kg. Symptoms of overdose include blister formation, crusting, itching, oozing, reddening, or scaling of skin; difficulty in urinating (dribbling); jerking movements; sudden loss of consciousness.

Naftin Patient Information

Naftin Organisms Affected

Sarcoptes scabiei