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Monobenzone Molecular Weight

200.233 g/mol

Monobenzone Melting Point

110 - 118 oC

Monobenzone H2O Solubility

251 mg/L

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Monobenzone Dosage Forms

Cream for topical application (20%)

Monobenzone Indication

Used topically to treat the loss of skin color (vitiligo).

Monobenzone Pharmacology

Monobenzone is the monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone. Monobenzone, applied topically to the skin, is used as a depigmenting agent inhibitting melanin produced by polymerization of oxidation products of tyrosine and dihydroxyphenyl compounds. Monobenzone works by permanently removing color from normal skin located around skin with vitiligo.

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Monobenzone Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals