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Imiquimod Brand names, Imiquimod Analogs

Imiquimod Brand Names Mixture

  • Extra Strength Muscle & Back Pain ASA (Acetylsalicylic acid + Methocarbamol)
  • Methoxacet Extra Strength (Acetaminophen + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle & Back Pain ASA (Acetylsalicylic acid + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle & Back Pain Relief Caplets (Acetaminophen + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle & Back Pain Relief Extra Strength (Acetylsalicylic acid + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle and Back Pain Relief with Asa (Acetylsalicylic acid + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle and Back Pain Relief-8 (Acetaminophen + Codeine Phosphate + Methocarbamol)
  • Muscle Relaxant and Analgesic (Acetylsalicylic acid + Methocarbamol)
  • Robaxacet (Methocarbamol + Acetaminophen)

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Imiquimod Synthesis Reference

No information avaliable

Imiquimod Molecular Weight

240.304 g/mol

Imiquimod Melting Point

292-294 oC

Imiquimod H2O Solubility

Poorly soluble

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Imiquimod Indication

For the topical treatment of clinically typical, nonhyperkeratotic, nonhypertrophic actinic keratoses on the face or scalp in immunocompetent adults. Also indicated for the treatment of external genital and perianal warts/condyloma acuminata in individuals 12 years old and above.

Imiquimod Pharmacology

Imiquimod is an immune response modifier that acts as a toll-like receptor 7 agonist. Imiquimod is commonly used topically to treat warts on the skin of the genital and anal areas. Imiquimod does not cure warts, and new warts may appear during treatment. Imiquimod does not fight the viruses that cause warts directly, however, it does help to relieve and control wart production. It is not used on warts inside the vagina, penis, or rectum. Imiquimod is also used to treat a skin condition of the face and scalp called actinic keratoses. Imiquimod can also be used to treat certain types of skin cancer called superficial basal cell carcinoma. Imiquimod is particularly useful on areas where surgery or other treatments may be difficult, complicated or otherwise undesirable, especially the face and lower legs.

Imiquimod Absorption

Well absorbed through skin (as a cream)

Imiquimod side effects and Toxicity

Symptoms of overdose include flu-like symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, headache, nausea, diarrhoea and muscle pain.

Imiquimod Patient Information

Imiquimod Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals