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Elidel Brand Names Mixture

  • Innovar Inj (Droperidol + Fentanyl Citrate)
  • Innovar-Vet Inj (Droperidol + Fentanyl Citrate)

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Elidel FDA

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Elidel Synthesis Reference

No information avaliable

Elidel Molecular Weight

312.406 g/mol

Elidel Melting Point

136 oC

Elidel H2O Solubility

400 mg/L

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Elidel Dosage Forms

Liquid; Paste; Solution; Tablet

Elidel Indication

For the treatment of infections due to all species of schistosoma.

Elidel Pharmacology

Praziquantel is an anthelmintic used in most schistosome and many cestode infestations. Praziquantel effects the permeability of the cell membrane resulting in the contraction of schistosomes. The drug further causes vacuolization and disintegration of the schistosome tegument. The effect is more marked on adult worms compared to young worms. An increased calcium influx may play an important role. Secondary effects are inhibition of glucose uptake, lowering of glycogen levels and stimulation of lactate release. The action of praziquantel is limited very specifically to trematodes and cestodes; nematodes (including filariae) are not affected.

Elidel Absorption

Rapidly absorbed (80%)

Elidel side effects and Toxicity

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