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Duphaston Brand Names Mixture

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Duphaston fda sheet

Duphaston FDA

Duphaston msds (material safety sheet)

Duphaston Synthesis Reference

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Duphaston Molecular Weight

302.415 g/mol

Duphaston Melting Point

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Duphaston H2O Solubility

Soluble (difumarate formulation)

Duphaston State


Duphaston LogP


Duphaston Dosage Forms

Opthalmic solution (0.05%)

Duphaston Indication

For the temporary relief of the signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis.

Duphaston Pharmacology

Emedastine is a relatively selective H1-receptor antagonist.

Duphaston Absorption

Ophthalmic use of emedastine usually does not produce measurable plasma concentrations.

Duphaston side effects and Toxicity

Somnolence and malaise have been reported following daily oral administration.

Duphaston Patient Information

Duphaston Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals