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Dossilamina [DCIT] Brand Names Mixture

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Dossilamina [DCIT] Synthesis Reference

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Dossilamina [DCIT] Molecular Weight

383.228 g/mol

Dossilamina [DCIT] Melting Point

138 oC

Dossilamina [DCIT] H2O Solubility


Dossilamina [DCIT] State


Dossilamina [DCIT] LogP


Dossilamina [DCIT] Dosage Forms

Ophthalmic solution (eye drops)

Dossilamina [DCIT] Indication

For use in the treatment of subacute or chronic angle-closure glaucoma after iridectomy or where surgery is refused or contraindicated.

Dossilamina [DCIT] Pharmacology

Echothiophate Iodide is a potent, long-acting cholinesterase inhibitor used as a miotic in the treatment of glaucoma. Echothiophate iodide will depress both plasma and erythrocyte cholinesterase levels in most patients after a few weeks of eyedrop therapy.

Dossilamina [DCIT] Absorption

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Dossilamina [DCIT] side effects and Toxicity

Side effects include blurred vision or change in near or distant vision and eye pain.

Dossilamina [DCIT] Patient Information

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Dossilamina [DCIT] Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals