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Diutazol Molecular Weight

222.248 g/mol

Diutazol Melting Point

260.5 oC

Diutazol H2O Solubility

980 mg/L

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Diutazol Indication

For adjunctive treatment of: edema due to congestive heart failure; drug-induced edema; centrencephalic epilepsies; chronic simple (open-angle) glaucoma

Diutazol Pharmacology

Acetazolamide is a potent carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, effective in the control of fluid secretion, in the treatment of certain convulsive disorders and in the promotion of diuresis in instances of abnormal fluid retention. Acetazolamide is not a mercurial diuretic. Rather, it is a nonbacteriostatic sulfonamide possessing a chemical structure and pharmacological activity distinctly different from the bacteriostatic sulfonamides.

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Diutazol Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals