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Cantor Brand Names Mixture

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Cantor fda sheet

Cantor msds (material safety sheet)

Cantor Synthesis Reference

C.G. Wermuth et al., Agressologie 13, 285 (1972)

Cantor Molecular Weight

298.383 g/mol

Cantor Melting Point

122 oC

Cantor H2O Solubility

2360 mg/L

Cantor State


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Cantor Dosage Forms

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Cantor Indication

For the treatment of depression

Cantor Pharmacology

Minaprine is an amino-phenylpyridazine antidepressant reported to be relatively free of cardiotoxicity, drowsiness, and weight gain. Similar to other antidepressant treatments, minaprine attenuates the beta-adrenergic receptor function. Studies have also shown that minaprine improves memory consolidation and that repeated drug administration leads to potentiation of this effect. Moreover, the effects of minaprine on memory consolidation are related to its dopaminergic action.

Cantor Absorption

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Cantor side effects and Toxicity

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Cantor Patient Information

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Cantor Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals