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Brevibloc Brand Names Mixture

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Brevibloc Chemical_Formula

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Brevibloc Melting Point

125oC (boiling point at 8mm Hg)

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Brevibloc Dosage Forms

Liquid for injection (10mL ampules)

Brevibloc Indication

For use as a radio-opaque medium for hysterosalpingography and lymphography, and as an antineoplastic agent when part of the iodine is 131-I.

Brevibloc Pharmacology

There has been little detailed investigation of the metabolic fate of ethiodol in either man or animals. However, the fate of ethiodol following Iymphangiography in dogs has been reported. Koehler et al. employed I131-tagged ethiodol for lymphangiography in dogs and analyses of individual organs at various time intervals were done. The investigators reported an average of only 25% of the injected medium was retained in the lymphatics at the end of three days. An average of 50% was recovered from the lungs. They found the remainder of injected activity was fairly uniformly distributed throughout the body. Urinary excretion in the form of inorganic iodine was revealed as the chief mode of iodine loss from the system.

Brevibloc Absorption

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Brevibloc side effects and Toxicity

Intravenous LD50 in dog is 1580mg/kg. Symptoms of overdose include dyspnea and change in clotting factors.

Brevibloc Patient Information

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Brevibloc Organisms Affected

Humans and other mammals